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As a public service announcement I'd like to point out a couple of things. If you're in the market for a new computer right now there'll be some talk about the new operating system from Microsoft that's coming out. Vista is the name and trouble could be the game. If you buy a low end system (I don't mean to demean anyone's computer, there'll all good to me) and you plan on taking advantage of the coupon they will be offering for a "free" upgrade to this new operating system, take a minute and think about what you'll need. The minimum amount of ram is listed at 512 megabytes. The operating system itself (vista) takes up 40 gigabytes of hard drive space (revision: the information originally passed to me by store reps was 40 gigabytes, probably a scare tactic to sell more costly laptops. As I can confirm firsthand, the space is closer to 15 gigabytes for Vista itself. After that the amount rises as the maker of the unit installs various programs). If you are buying a laptop computer, this is close to what you get at the low end (price wise). Most entry level laptops come with 80 gigabyte hard drives and 512 megabytes of ram. Even desktop computers fall within this category if purchased during the last year or so. Upgrading often requires removing, not adding to the old memory (especially on laptops).  Now, we just talked about the minimum requirements. To run vista comfortably, 1 gigabyte of ram is needed and I recommend 2 gigabytes (4 gigabytes if your doing anything more involved than surfing the web and burning a few cd's) for a good trouble free experience. As far as hard drive space is concerned, with everyone's fondness for digital cameras and I pods and camcorders I think of a 200 gigabyte hard drive as a "minimum". Before installing this upgrade (yes, that's right, it's up to you to install it) I would think seriously about whether I need it or not, and if I want to spend the money to have the minimum requirements, and maybe also wait to see how many problems are associated with it after it's been released to the public. For right now I think I'll say "Hasta la vista" to Vista.



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