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Status bar

Before you click on a link while you're browsing web pages, pause for a second to make sure you want to take that action. I usually hover over the link and look at the status bar to make sure of what I'm clicking on. The status bar is located on the bottom left of Internet Explorer and displays information about what you are about to click on. On any given page if you put your mouse cursor over a link to another page you should see a web or email address. Clearly, a link to any page on the web should make some sense when you look at it or there may be a problem. In  addition, I like to know in advance if I'm clicking on a web link or something that will open up outlook express. So, how do you tell? A web link should start with "http" or "https" if it's secure and a email address always has a "@" symbol somewhere in the address. (here's Contact me from Jims Computer web site, which if you click on it will open outlook express) Also, email links often start with "mail to". If you don't see information displayed it's being masked which should make you wonder why or if it's not what would make sense then use caution. If you hover your mouse cursor over "Articles" on the web site Jims Computer and look at the status bar, you see exactly where your next mouse click will take you. If the information is not displayed, I would use caution. Try right clicking with the mouse and choose open in new window from the presented menu so you don't loose your way. Savvy web programmers can erase your history on the fly so you can't use the back button on the browser or at least make difficult to retrace your steps.


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