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Alternate Vehicles

Does the thought of driving a thousand miles on twenty dollars of fuel intrigue you a little? How about electric fuel? The two examples I've found of electric cars are the Zapcar from Zapworld (Zap standing for "zero air pollution") and Myers Motors NMG (no more gas).

First the Zapcar. Zap has quite a collection of vehicles ranging from scooters to off-road to cars and trucks. You should be able to find something that appeals to you. They even have solar powered vehicles. If you click here, a new window will open with some pictures of the Zapcar taken in New Hampshire in July of 2007. Zap is on the stock market at ZAAP. As far as affordability and choice, the Zap wins hands down with prices for scooters starting at under a $1000, cars at $10,000 and a sports car at $59,000.

I don't have pictures of the NMG yet but will try to get them. My opinion is that the NMG is easier on the eyes but to be honest, the attraction here is freedom from the gas pumps. In terms of speed, the NMG sails past the checked flag. The NMG has a little more range also but you'll pay for that with prices starting at $36,000.

More electric car links:

Bleecker Electric Car Company (now why am I reminded of Frau Blucher from Young Frankenstein? I know, not funny).

ZENN - stands for " zero emissions, no noise". Sure. Sounds like a bunch of Buddhists to me. 2 questions: Can you meditate and drive at the same time? And do they make little Buddha incense dispensers? And really, if you want to seek answers through meditation, then why do you need a car? (wait! Didn't Cheech and Chong cover this sort of thing? No? I really just wanted to link to their site).

Miles - "I could go for miles if you know what I mean". Sorry, gotta love Pink.

Dynasty Electric Car Company - What no slogan? TV show? Larry Hagman? Who shot J.R. Whoops wrong station. Or, how's it built? I mean, if you get  hit, do you "die nasty"?

Tomberlin - no.

E-Ride - Electric ride. I get it. I'm not confused. I won't think of Electra Glide, it's a motorcycle. Or the Electric Glide (hint: it's a dance).

If a Zapcar or a NMG won't work for you, there's another alternative. Zipcar. Check the spelling, it's close but not the same. And the concept is different to. With Zipcar, it's car sharing. Not as good for the environment, but maybe good for you. It's only available in select cities (it's big in New England, but available on the other coast too). Basically, you join the organization, reserve a vehicle, unlock the car with a special card and drive.


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