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How to "clean up your cookies"

This sounds funny I know, but when it's a problem you'll want to know how to do this. If you experience weird problems visiting web sites that you don't normally encounter, I suggest trying this trick.

From your home page do the following:

  1. Left click on tools at the top of the page

  2. Left click on internet options when it drops down

  3. A box will come into view. Under temporary internet files left click on the button that say's     "delete cookies..."

  4. Another box will appear that say's " delete all cookies in the temporary files folder" left click on OK

  5. The small box will disappear. Left click on OK . The large box disappears and you are done

Keep in mind that you will have to re-enter passwords that you have put and saved at different sites because they store this information in cookies also.



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