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Flash Card Reader Problems

Mike wanted to know why the flash memory card reader in his computer quit doing what it normally does, which is make his life easier. Usually, when he inserts his memory card, which he uses in his camera, a box appears asking what action he wants to take. His favorite thing to do is to view the thumbnails of the pictures and decide which ones to keep and then store them in a folder on his hard drive. Now when he slips the card in nothing happens. The following steps are what I would do to correct this problem.

  1. Left click on start, left click on my computer.

  2. Identify your reader. This should be listed under "devices with removable storage". It will say "removable disk" unless you have a flash card in there in which case I can't say precisely what it will say.

  3. Right click on the drive.

  4. A menu pops up. On the bottom of this menu left click on properties.

  5. A box appears. At the top there will be five tabs. Left click on the tab that say's "autoplay".

  6. There will be a downward pointing arrow to the right of a box under the text that say's "select a content type the choose an action for windows to perform ..."

  7. Left click on the arrow, the box drops down and left click on pictures.

  8. The word pictures appears in the box. Below this in the action area, left click on the circle by the text that say's "select an action to perform".

  9. Left click on "copy pictures to a folder on my  Computer using microsoft scanner and camera wizard".

  10. Left click on OK.

  11. Close My Computer by left clicking on the big red X in the right top corner.

This is what you should see at the end of step 9.



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