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On Switching Internet Providers

These are some issues that you want to get straight. An internet provider gives you the means to get on the internet. This is the basic service by which you access the information available on the internet or world wide web (WWW), which nowadays are terms which are interchangeable. This service can be provided by American Online, SBCYahoo (ATT), MSN, Earthlink, PeoplePC, and Adelphia just to name a few. Whether this service is Broadband (DSL, Cable) or dial up is a matter of speed. Once on the internet no matter what speed and by who's service, you are free to visit and use any website on the internet. If you just canceled AOL and want to go to their site, feel free to do that. As far as if you can still use email in connection with your old account is another matter. I recommend using an email account that's free (from msn, yahoo or Google) and not tied to a internet service provider so that it's painless to separate when and if the time comes. This way you get access to the 'net from the provider you want and your email access is uninterrupted.



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