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      Rusty asked about msconfig - After running Adaware or Spybot sometimes these programs get rid of stuff that's bad and still wants to run when you start Windows XP. Theses appear as boxes that have long messages with file names which usually don't mean anything to you. If you make a note of the file names sometimes you can prevent them from starting. Here's how to do it. Click Start then run and a box will appear. In the box type "msconfig". Once you do that another box will appear with tabs on the top (note: you must be logged in as the administrator). The tab that you want is at the end and it's name is "startup".

On one side you can see boxes that are checked. If you see a box that has the same name as the one from the message at startup then uncheck it. This will prevent it from starting. A note of warning. Do not check or uncheck things that you're not sure of or just to experiment. I usually uncheck one item and then reboot and see the results of this action. Use caution.






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