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Archiving or copying old videos

I hear from a lot of people that they want an easy way to archive, copy or duplicate their old videos from camcorder tapes or VHS tapes they made in order to keep with the current format. This is a great idea, because as we move forward with different technologies it's a good idea to keep what's important to you updated. An example would be cassette tapes. You might have them or know somebody that does, but it's not the current technology. In order to copy a cassette tape, you'd have to find a tape deck and hook it up to your stereo and copy it over. Now, if you don't know somebody that owns one, you'd have to buy one and that's going to be a problem. I've noticed that VCR's aren't advertised like they used to be, and to buy one five years from now may present a problem. The time to act on something like this is sooner than later. I see that there are two way's to go about this type of project yourself. (the third way would be to pay a service to do it, but that seems cost prohibitive).

  1. Go out and buy a stand alone DVD recorder that hooks up to your TV. For under two hundred dollars at any megastore  this is an easy purchase. The initial cost may seem prohibitive and with it comes a learning curve but compared to method 2 this is what I would recommend to most people. Hook up some wires (like there's not enough already) , read the manual and that's it. Just remember to finalize the disk and it should be read by most DVD players out there.

  2. This is more complicated. To do this through your computer, you need:

              A DVD recorder built into your computer or added to it;

              A special add - in card or USB device witch has the inputs to enable hooking up a VCR;

              A computer that's newer (Pentium 4) and has enough ram to do the job (1 gigabyte minimum).

Even with all this, the learning curve is steeper because of the software needed to get the job done (in fairness the software generally comes with the recorder). The reason people want to do this type of thing on a computer is because of the superior control afforded. Transitions, fading in or out and editing the actual video are all available.


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