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Sharing Your Photos Online

Recently, we took a trip to New York city. Fun place, crowded, exciting, everything you've heard and more. I decided to put some photos from my digital camera online but not on this site, so as to conserve resources on my main website. During the research phase of doing this I realized that it's not that simple an endeavor so I'm putting up this page to offer advice for those that come after me. There's probably hundreds of websites that will allow you to put your pictures up but each has an angle. A good deal of them have ways to make money off of your participation and if you don't buy from them they won't keep your pictures up for long. One thing to keep in mind is that when you put your pictures up make sure you still have the originals. The biggest differences between free sites and pay sites is storage capacity, traffic quotas, and the safety of your photos. If you pay, your pictures will always be there but you'll have a bill every year.

The first free site I'm using is esnips. I started it on February 5, 2006. So far I'm very happy with this site. You get 1 gigabyte of storage and there doesn't appear to be a limit on the size of the pictures. This is quite handy just because a lot of cameras sold now commonly have 4 to 6 mega pixels and by default they produce pictures with big file sizes(500 megabytes up to over a gigabyte). You also have numerous option as to how to share your pictures such as an invitation by email (the invitee must join esnips) or by making your folder open to the public (they call this sharing with the world, which you literally are doing so think about it). Links to my public folders are located here, which is comprised of photos from our trip and demonstrates the ability to link from a site to a public folder (a nice touch). The method I use for uploading files is the manual one. I did not want to install the esnips toolbar. It's not that I don't trust them, it's just that I'm more of a minimalist by nature and feel more in control doing it this way. If I eventually choose to install this tool or talk to someone who has used it, I'll relay that information. More on esnips.

Now before you upload photos to the web, you may need to work on them a little. Maybe get rid of a little redeye, try to brighten a darker picture and bring out what you wanted to shoot in the first place. Unless you have the money for a true professional package (Photoshop-$800) you may want to consider a program called "the GIMP". This is a real gem and the best part is it's free. More on the GIMP

A partial list of online photo storage:


Flickr - Here's a link to my Flickr site: Jimzcom at Flickr

Image shack

Photobucket - is a free site that let's you keep your photos and videos with them and link to other sites such as myspace, ebay, blogs ...

smugmug - is a pay site with unlimited storage

Zorpia - is a photo and journal site

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