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Restarting your computer

 There are three levels of severity of impact to the computer when talking about restarting. They are as follows:

  1. Software shutdown. This is where you shut the computer down by way of the keyboard using the Start button. An alternative is to use the three fingered salute, the Ctrl, Alt and then the Delete button.
  2. Hardware reset. Used where the computer  is unresponsive. Use either the reset button on the front of your computer (the button besides the power on) or hold the power on button in for five seconds (or until you hear it start to shutdown).
  3. Complete power down. When having extreme problems, sometimes it's the best thing to shut the computer down if you can, and then completely remove all power. If you have a switch on the back of your computer, turn it off then back on after 30 seconds. If not, either turn off the power strip, surge protector or unplug the computer from the wall outlet for 30 seconds.


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