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Looking to convert .mov (mymovie.mov) format movie files to .avi (mymovie.avi) files? look no further just click here for the homepage of RAD Game tools. Look for " download the free bink tools" and next you'll see "The  RAD video tools (1.2 MB) ". Click on that and click where it say's "save file" and save somewhere convenient like your desktop. After it downloads, double click to start the install. For a little "how to" click here and the fine folks at Videohelp will take care of you. The reason you may want to convert from one format to another is compatibility. Some formats just work better than others when your trying to do something. I wanted to upload some videos to Pikshures, our account at Smugmug, and the .mov format wasn't working. After the conversion it uploaded fine with one caveat. The size of the file grew from 13 MB to 165 MB. So it took a while to upload. Now, after uploading, Smugmug does it's own conversion to another format, h.264, which is what they call a more portable format and is viewable on devices like ipods, cell phones and playstations. Unfortunately, the process did not work and it's back to the drawing board.


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