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Gwap - This site comes from Carnegie - Mellon. There are several games to play, and as you play you help computers learn.

GlobZ - GlobZ is good. I like Viral Pursuit in particular. This site is flash based and works well

XBox stuff - We like the LLama for XBox mods. Lots of hands on stuff

Probably my favorite game is Sid Meier's railroads. But I like others and will probably add some reviews or insights into the one's I have. In the mean time so you don't get bored you can play some o these other games.

Vista warning

World of Warcraft - If you're using Microsoft's Vista operating system, that sound you probably hear like water going down a drain is the sound of it sucking. There is nothing wrong with your computer or sound equipment. It just sucks. One reason we know it sucks is the fact that you have to start your computer in safe mode in order to install World of Warcraft, otherwise known as "WOW". It's known as "WOW" because millions of people play it and they got tired of saying the whole name. Now, when millions of people like to play a game and you make it hard for them to install and play, that's called "sucking". The average person does not know how to start their computer in safe mode. The average person has trouble using their turn signals correctly on their car. Here's the procedure for using turn signals in a car:

  1. Determine the direction you want to go.

  2. If you want to go right, merely move the lever up.

  3. if you want to go left, merely move the lever down.  **side note: I, and everybody reading this has witnessed someone put their left turn signal on and turn right. If you deny this simple fact, you are a pod person and should report back to your home planet. They need you there.

Now, here is the proper procedure to start Microsoft Windows Vista in "safe mode":

  1. If your computer is on you need to restart it. See # 3 here.

  2. As the computer starts or restarts, before the operating systems comes up (quickly) start repeatedly pressing the F8 key.

  3. After your computer has started in safe mode, you will be presented with many choices. Select "safe mode with networking".

  4. if you weren't quick enough, begin again at step 1.

  5. Install World of Warcraft.

  6. Restart your computer.

As you can see, I've actually omitted some steps to save time, space, energy, and I don't know, the planet!!! Should it be this hard? No. I don't want to be mean spirited or petty. I've' seen people just shut their computers down by just holding the power button in for longer than 5 seconds. Lot's of people just shut the lid on their laptops and as far as they are concerned, it's shut down. There are statistics that state that many computer users aren't fully aware of when they are on the internet or not. If voters don't know who the current president is or his party affiliation, how can we expect the average Jane or Joe to use any of the technology thrown at us on a continual basis. Phone menu? Just hit "0" (the numeral zero) and usually you will get an operator. That's what I do. How many passwords do you have? How many are the same? All we want to do is click and do. Click and use. Click and produce. Click and play. Is this so hard? Should it be this hard? Think about this...



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