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Computer manufacturers are all about numbers. Too many numbers too fast confuse the average consumer and then triggers the "buy" mode. This is their goal. If they muss up your brain cells enough, you'll buy anything. Anyone who has ever spent time in a Wal-mart knows this. After twenty or so minutes you forget where you parked the car and what you came for and if you can locate a cash register its like a mirage. You know if you buy something you gain your freedom and even the 12 items or less line looks good. This is why they throw the gigahertz and the megahertz at you. It's to giga and mega hurts you. The following is a good example. Please read:

DDR-200  =  PC1600     Sloooow

DDR-266  =  PC2100     Sloow

DDR-300  =  PC2400     Slow

DDR-333  =  PC2700     Fast

DDR-400  =  PC3200     Faster

Hmmmm. Maybe I should use italics to emphasize the point. The lower numbers mean slower and the higher numbers mean faster. This is not hard to grasp. Okay, the point here is why is DDR200 the same as PC1600? Why do we need both descriptions to describe the same thing? I know!! I know!! (you can't see it, but my hand is raised, so call on me). The answer is to stupefy you!!! After so much of this, you're brain will turn to mush and it will be easier to slide your credit card out and give it to them in this state. And there's more.







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