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Vista Sucks

Vista Sucks. I tried to find a sucky color for the title of this page and gave up. I chose purple. I tried black but duh! nothing showed up! Here's a few reasons why this particular operating system sucks:

  1. It wears out your index finger. The average person has to click at least twice as much using Vista, sometimes more.

  2. It's hard to install games. Why? Because it sucks, that's why.

  3. Most people can't even figure out how to shut it down. With XP, you click on "Start>Turn off Computer". With vista you have to either hit the windows or start key on your keyboard (lost some people here) then figure out that you want the little sideways arrow thingy that has about as much to do with shutting down or restarting as an image of a roofing shingle has to do with "drink water". Back to games

  4. Look here at "vista warning".







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